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June 2008

Jane Rogers addresses how to locate missing participants and Steven Greenapple explains the various fiduciary issues raised when selling an ESOP company. Read more

February 2009

Brian Wurpts explains the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS) in his article "Operational Failures & Forgiveness." Mychelle Holloway discusses "What's New in ESOP Administration" for 2009. Read more

August 2009

Guest authors from Praxis Consulting Group discuss seven objectives for communicating to employees during hard economic times. Read more

November 2009

Margaret Steere offers possible solutions for seller-financed ESOP companies who don't have enough cash to make a contribution to their ESOP. Karen Hurley, Senior Plan Administrator, tells you everything you need to know about ERISA Fidelity Bonds and how to stay in compliance for the DOL. You will also find a chart with the IRS' 2010 cost-of-living adjustments applicable to dollar limitations for pension plans. Read more

July 2010

Brian Wurpts discusses how an ESOP company's funding decisions can alleviate or exacerbate the "Have/Have Not" problem and ESOP sustainability concerns. Steve Magowan explains how to avail yourself of the protective provisions of IRS Notice 2010-6 for nonqualified deferred compensation plans. Read more

November 2010

Mary Beth Gray provides a "how to" of the issues you need to consider when creating a distribution policy, and what is or is not permitted by the IRS. Tabitha Croscut discusses diversification language in plans and what the IRS decided was the definition of a "qualified participant." Read more

March 2011

Diane Fanelli discusses rebalancing as an option for ESOPs. Barbara Krumbhaar details all you need to know about plan record retention including what documents should be kept, for how long and by whom. Steven Greenapple answers a frequently asked client question about whether a pass-through vote is needed for an ESOP company stock sale. Read more

August 2011

Diane Fanelli follows up her last article on rebalancing with a summary of reshuffling. Brian Wurpts discusses the basics of distributions, then presents some options for funding benefit distributions and the implications of benefit funding decisions on repurchase obligation. Read more
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