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Introduction to ESOPs Webinar

Author: SES Advisors

February 28, 2012 – Join us for a one-hour introductory webinar on why business owners use ESOPs and how they work.

Over the next ten years 12,000 business owners will be retiring and trying to sell their businesses. Most of these owners will not have spent much time planning for their retirements or for how they will sell their companies.

A solution you may not have considered is selling some or all of your company stock to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Webinar Highlights:

  • What is an ESOP, and what companies are good candidates?
  • How ESOPs work in S and C corporations
  • Selling the company in stages or all at once
  • How to use IRC Section 1042 to indefinitely defer capital gains taxes
  • Investment strategies for selling shareholders
  • How the company is valued
  • Financing options in today

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