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Match Your Goals with the Technique

In considering an ownership transition, every business owner faces two important questions:

How much is your business worth?
Which exit strategy is the best fit for you, your company, your employees and your personal legacy?

At SES Advisors, we have been thinking about this every day since 1988 and recognize the importance and challenge inherent in answering these questions. Using a wide range of professional training and experience, we can help you estimate your company value and assess the pros and cons of using employee ownership for part or all of your company.

We have structured ESOPs in every possible way from the simple non-leveraged, non-control ESOP to a 100% leveraged ESOP and management buyout. We have structured such buyouts with and without seller tax deferrals and have established dozens of tax-efficient 100% S-ESOPs.

If you would like to learn more about how an ESOP might be used at your company, SES Advisors welcomes the opportunity to guide you through the process of evaluating, establishing and financing such a program.

We advocate and negotiate for maximum value for selling ownerswithout sacrificing the financial sustainability of the plan or the company itself. We invite you to explore ownership transition options, and if you have already decided that an ESOP may be the right approach for your business, we encourage you to read about establishing an ESOP. If your company already has an ESOP, read more about keeping your ESOP on track.

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