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If your company has already established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), congratulations on completing the process and realizing some of the potential benefits of an ESOP. Moving forward, it is important to keep your plan on track ensuring that it remains in compliance with Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor regulations and also addressing repurchase obligation and other mature ESOP issues that may arise.

SES Advisors are the only ESOP TPA firm in the country with an integrated team of legal, finance, banking, tax and ERISA experts.

At SES Advisors, we have a long history of delivering premier plan administration services, as well as repurchase obligation and mature ESOP consulting services. If you are seeking expert support in keeping your ESOP on track, we invite you to learn more about our capabilities and expertise:

There are two traditional practices for getting cash into the ESOP trust: (i) using employer contributions and/or (ii) using income distributions/dividends. We would like you to consider using a third mechanism – the employer matching contributions that are contributed to your 401(k) plan. Learn more about our 401K administration techniques.

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