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ESOP Feasibility

Is an ESOP Right for Your Company?

At SES Advisors, we excel at helping business owners assess the ESOP feasibility for their unique situation. Leveraging our cross-disciplinary expertise and our decades of experience specializing in ownership transition solutions we consult with you to determine if an ESOP is a viable option for your company. We also work to obtain the highest price for you while protecting your company’s financial well-being and thereby preserving your personal legacy.

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) offers compelling benefits to selling owners, companies and employees. ESOPs can create liquidity. They can address business succession. They can stimulate employee productivity and morale. And they can do all of that with significant tax benefits making an ESOP an appealing choice for many companies. Even so, an ESOP isn’t the best solution for every organization.

Feasibility Assessment

Your first step is a high-level feasibility assessment. Through this relatively simple, complimentary assessment, SES Advisors is able to determine if an ESOP may be an appropriate fit for your company. In performing the feasibility assessment, we consider a number of key factors, including:

Age of the owner(s)

Likely liquidity options

Company value

Borrowing capacity


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Is an ESOP right for you?