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ESOP Plan Administration is critical to overseeing the day-to-day operations of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). ESOP Plan Administrators direct the ESOP trustee on critical plan administration decisions such as voting shares or even serve as trustee, in a limited advisory role. An ESOP Plan Administration team will seamlessly assume responsibility for oversight of your ESOP, making sure statements go out, participants are paid, allocations are properly made. Most importantly, the ESOP Plan Administration team (ESOP Administrators) serves as a unified voice, communicating ESOP details to participants, even overseeing the company’s employee involvement program.

ESOP Plan Administration services offered by SES Advisors:

  • Provide custom participant statements and management reports
  • File annual reports (Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report)
  • Write diversification notices
  • Prepare annual government filings, including 1099-R and 1099-DIV forms
  • Give voting instructions
  • Complete benefit distribution forms
  • Notify customers of various deadlines pertaining to the ESOP
  • Test for compliance (top heavy, annual additions, coverage, contribution limits) and nondiscrimination (ADP and ACP)
  • Customize management and compliance reports
  • Design amendments to ESOP Plans

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Company stock held by an ESOP must be value at least annually typically at the end of the sponsor’s fiscal year. If the ESOP is buying or selling stock, the shares must be appraised as of the transaction date. Read More

ESOP Plan Administrators answer your questions: How are the company's contributions to the ESOP allocated among ESOP participants?
An ESOP must include a definite formula for allocating employer contributions and forfeitures annually to the individual accounts of plan participants. Usually, employer contributions to an ESOP are allocated among the participants’ accounts in the plan based on their compensation from the company during the plan year. However, the allocation can also be based on... Read More

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ESOP Plan Administration Advisory Committee
One of the most complicated and sometimes confusing aspects of ESOP administration is determining the compensation required for various plan purposes. Compensation impacts many different areas of administration including: (1) allocations to participants, (2) determination of highly compensated employees (HCEs) and key employees, (3) nondiscrimination testing, (4) maximum annual additions to participants, the employers maximum deductible contribution, and (5) top... Read More

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