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Hannibal Industries Features in LA Times for their Impressive & Strategic Growth

Author: SES Advisors

SG&F sends a hearty congratulations our client, Hannibal Industries, whose strategic and impressive recovery was featured in a recent LA Times article.

Hannibal Industries, a large scale, California-based manufacturing company, became an employee owned company via ESOP in 2008.  Then the Recession hit, slashing Hannibal’s revenue in half, and causing a 50% reduction in its workforce.  Since then, the company successfully fought for survival, reinventing itself with efficiency, innovation and creative repurposing.  It is now on target to exceed its pre-2008 revenues of $100million.

Steve Rogers, Hannibal’s Vice President of Sales believed that Hannibal’s resilience was largely due to the fact that through ESOP, the employees own the company.  As a result,  they were invested in Hannibal’s success and survival in every sense of the word.

SG&F, commented, “We are pleased to see the Company’s growth for the benefit of the employee owners.   Their innovation, strategic approach and commitment demonstrate how ESOPs can be a great succession tool because the employee owners are so dedicated to the success of the company.”

Congratulations to Hannibal Industries, and our best wishes for continued success!


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