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Why SES Advisors?

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Some Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) advisors offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

Others sacrifice a company’s long-term prosperity for short-term results.

As the preeminent provider of services throughout the ESOP life cycle, SES Advisors takes a uniquely strategic and responsible approach that maximizes value for owners, their companies and their employees. With expert guidance from SES Advisors, an ESOP can support an ownership transition that delivers sustainable benefits to all stakeholders.

With a cross-disciplinary approach that integrates legal, finance, banking, tax and ERISA expertise, SES Advisors delivers a full range of ESOP and 401(k) services:

  • We help companies determine whether and how to establish and finance new ESOPs.
  • We help companies manage follow-on transactions and evaluate and address mature ESOP issues.
  • We provide ESOP and 401(k) administration services and manage a variety of reporting and compliance requirements.

Is an ESOP right for you?

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Is an ESOP right for you?