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SES Advisors is a specialist ESOP firm, providing ESOP Services to a wide range of clients. SES ESOP Advisors specializes in ESOP Administration, ESOP Consulting, and ESOP Financing.

An employee stock ownership plan – ESOP – provides a company’s workforce with an ownership interest in the company. In an ESOP, companies provide their employees with stock ownership, often at no up-front cost to the employees. Shares are allocated to employees and may be held in an ESOP trust until the employee retires or leaves the company. SES Advisors helps companies establish and administer ESOP services.

Sell Your Business
How much is your business worth? Which exit strategy is the best fit for you, your company, your employees and your personal legacy? SES can help find the answers.
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ESOP Life Cycle
If you are an executive at an ESOP company, you likely need support with a number of ESOP-related challenges. SES Advisors offers services and expertise for every stage of the ESOP life cycle.
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Full Service TPA
HR administrators are continually challenged to address a range of compliance requirements. SES Advisors can help keep your company’s ESOP’s and 401k’s on track.
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Are you a CPA, attorney, financial services or other trusted advisor? We seek to work with your organization and embrace a strategic and responsible approach to ESOP’s.
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About Us
SES Advisors is a national ESOP consulting firm that assists private business owners and their companies in planning their internal succession strategies using Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). Our approach for assessing, structuring, transacting and maintaining ESOPs focuses on balancing the needs of the owners, company and employees to create successful, sustainable employee ownership outcomes.

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News & Events

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James Steiker …

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Client Testimonials
SES Advisors played a critical role in helping Modern make the transition from a family-owned business established in 1946 to a company now 100% owned by its 300+ employees. Jim Steiker and SES Advisors tailored Modern’s plan to address not only the various interests and concerns of our stakeholders, but also the effect it would have on the long-term benefits structure and financial stability of the company. We thought so highly of Jim that we asked him to serve on our board of directors. I personally value not only his technical expertise, but also his insight into the specific needs of our business. Dave Griffith, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Modern Group